Machine Room Elevator


The introduction of MRL technology medium and high rise lifts used traditional traction (DC/AC) motors. The motors all required machine rooms above the lift shaft, hence the need for a motor room.

Today traction motors are used in modernizations where a motor room is being retained and in cases where the passenger capacity and lift car size dictates a large and powerful motor. For low rise installations apart from the space and cost savings of not having a motor room, costs for installation generally are very similar.

An additional benefit of a traction drive is that it can be visually inspected without the need to take the lift out of service

Machine Room Less


The vast majority of model lifts are based on Machine Room Less drive technology which provides customers with space saving advantages.

MRL drives are powered by AC current and use a permanent-magnetic synchronous motor which provides lower energy consumption over traditional traction motors.

The lift car, apart from all of the equipment on the landings, will have the same appearance as found with Hydraulic or Traction products.