Cutting edge technology, innovative, attractive designs and colors, reliable and almost silent operation, safe demarcation line and a special mechanism for quick and easy resolution of any errors are all factors which make up a perfect result. Asia Fuji escalators minimize the distances and create “visual bridges” between different areas, since they are perfectly in line with the environment in high-rise shops, large shopping centers, airports and railway stations.


Asia Fuji Moving Walks combine the convenience of an elevator with the capacity of an escalator. Our travelators offer safety, reliability, energy saving and efficiency at a maximum level to satisfy the most demanding horizontal and inclined transportation requirements.

Since urbanization poses new challenges, Asia Fuji prides itself on delivering cutting edge technology combined with a wide range of design features.

Asia Fuji Moving Walks cater to airports, super markets, shopping centers and metro stations since they are the ideal solution for the transportation of heavy luggage, shopping carts and trolleys. While safety is the priority, we do not neglect to offer a smooth and comfortable ride to our passengers.